Playing at OGs

No play until further notice.

All players must be members before they are allowed to play at Old Grammarians – see Lawn Booking page.
Questions about membership please contact James Skelton.
Visit the News page to see any updates

Relaxing of Covid rules means we can have up to six players on one lawn.
This means on the lawn at any one time:
one singles or
two singles (double banking) or
one doubles or
one singles and one doubles (double banking)

The toilets will be open from 9am to 3pm  Monday to Friday and from
9am to 1pm  Saturday.
Please ensure that lawns are booked at least a day in advance.

We are a friendly club with a wide range of players of all abilities. Croquet is a very social game and many friends have been made throughout the club. Croquet is a game that can be played at all levels – competitively or just for fun!

New members are always welcome, and all members have the use of all equipment and access to coaching from our more experienced players.

Club afternoons Tuesday and Wednesday – suspended during Covid 19

Play usually starts after midday. Members may just turn up and are expected to mix in. The afternoon is organised by a senior club member. The types of game may be Association, Short or Golf croquet. At least one lawn is reserved for Association croquet.

On Tuesday the focus is on Golf, and Wednesday, on Association.

If a pre-arranged game needs to be played during a club afternoon, i.e. a tournament match, please consult the senior club member on the day.