Joining our club

Membership of the club is open to anyone interested in taking up, playing or supporting croquet. Our existing members range in playing strength from complete beginners to world class, and we provide coaching at all levels. The croquet handicap system allows for play between players of different abilities.

Croquet is relatively affordable and the club supplies all the equipment you will need. Once you have been playing for a while you may want to buy your own mallet rather than using club mallets, but unlike golf players, you only need one! 

If you wish to apply for membership, please download the form and tender your subscription by bank transfer if possible or by cheque otherwise. (Payment details are on the form).

If you would like further information on membership please contact James Skelton, Membership Secretary.

Membership Rates 2021
Single: £100
Near Country: £85 (Living outside a 20 mile radius of OGs)
Far Country: £45 (Living outside a 50 mile radius of the OGs)
Student: £20 (Persons under 24 and in full-time education, or young persons who are not family members)

At the discretion of the Committee, concessionary rates may be allowed

Download a Membership Application here: