Lawn Booking

All play must be booked through the clubs lawn booking system.
Each person (with email) upon joining will be registered and given a log-in and temporary password.
It is recommended that you change your password once you have logged in (go to the Users page)
Booking a lawn – see link below

Up to six people allowed on one lawn
This means on the lawn at any one time: 
one singles or 
two singles (double banking) or 
one doubles or 
one singles and one doubles (double banking)
Remember: Maximum six people on the lawn at any one session.

• Please book at least one day in advance.
• Log in and find the day and time you want to play and click.
• Enter your full name in the brief description box.
• Enter your opponent/s full name/s in the full description box.
• Choose the two hour slot and if playing CA or GC.
• Playing singles with one other person: Book either P or S lawn to allow others to double bank.
• You can choose to have an email confirmation sent.
• You can only book a maximum time of 2 hours – to be regularly reviewed
• You cannot just turn up – you must book a time slot to play.
• Tuesdays are GC only and Wednesdays are AC only – you still need to book.
• The toilets will be open from 9am to 3pm  Monday to Friday and from 9am to 1pm  Saturday.

Use the link below to log in and book a lawn

If you have any problems please contact
James Skelton