Club competitions

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Open Association competitions
Charity One Ball 
End of Season (Bill Simon Memorial) 

Club Association competitions
Start of Season Short (The Plate) 
Start of Season 18pt (Carrick Cup)
End of Season Short (Anstey Shield) 
End of Season 18pt (Devereux Trophy) 
Doubles Tournament
May Jack Knockout  – see results table below

Open Golf competitions
‘A’ Level
‘B’ Level
‘C’ Level – (Owen Bryce)

Club Golf competitions
Start of Season 
Mid Season Trophy ‘C’ Level
Mid Season Level Play 
End of Season 
Croquet Doubles
Handicap Knockout
Winter Doubles

Other competitions
Pirates Trophy 
Doreen Coghill Trophy
The Ladder

May Jack AC Knockout results table
The May Jack is played full bisque off base 6. 
Therefore, if both player’s handicaps are above 6, both get  bisques. 
Examples : Someone playing off 12 receives 6 bisques, someone off 8 gets 2
If one player is 6 or below, then the calculation is the same as subtractive

Jane Evans
Mel ChristieJane Evans
Jane Evans
Nick EvansJames Skelton
James Skelton
Jane Evans
Peter Taylor
Mike HillsMike Hills
Mike Hills
ByePaul Chard
May Jack Winner
Paul Chard
Nick EvansNick Evans - wo
Nick Evans
James SkeltonJames Skelton
Mel Christie
Jane Evans
Mike HillsMike Hills
Mike Hills
ByePeter Taylor